Volendam in Summer

For this summer I went in a flash trip to Volendam, at the north of  The Netherlands they have good and fresh fish and it is small and charm village, enough for day of visite. Some landscapes around the town and port.



Texel Island: The Sheeps and The Animals

The real reason why I went to Texel was to see sheeps, many sheeps, thousands of them, they say there is more sheeps than people on the island, it looks possible.

Here my star sheep and my favorite photo from the whole trip, This picture makes my year.

 and here the sheeps and animals show.

So this are my stamps from my retreat time in a fantasy island call Texel at the north of Netherlands in the north of Europe. Hope you enjoy the ride in case you miss the previous post, The Landscapes, The Forest and The Beach. there are the links for you to enjoy the pics.

Until next jorney.


Texel Island: The Beach

This is one of the reasons I went to Texel to blank my mind. I hear there were plenty of kilometers of beaches, so I went to see. Just short time in this beaches left weeks of peace into your mind. I'll take you there.

 And an empty mind I got. Hope you enjoy it and I bring a bit of that quiteness through this images today.

Tomorrow the real reason why i went to Texel ta ta ta taaaaannnnn.


Texel Island: The Forest and The Port

A bit of the forest and the port of Texel.

The Forest in Den Hoorn



The Port in Oudeschild


For tomorro the beach... a place to blank your mind.


Texel Island: General Landscape

Just have a look by yourself to the some of the landscape of this Texel island at the north of Europe.

 Tomorrow... the forrest and the port.