TRANSELF: Self-portrait exhibition

You are invited and welcome!. 40 of my self-portrait transportations will be display for your enjoyment at Raibu, Jan van Galentraat 125, Amsterdam -  The Neteherlands.


Photography Art Print shop at Minted Community

Hey! time to have my little online shop for the purchaise of some of my minimal landscape photography. I entered a photography contest in April held by an independent artists community online and platform that support independent artists and hold constests as well as webshops so these artists can sell their own artwork and be surrounded by a minds alike community.


On June the result came in and from 11 of my my photographs 7 won Jury prize so that give me access to my own online shop where you can get my ladnscapes in different sizes to decorate your space with original photography. These are great news and I am very happy. Here a link to my shop in minted.

 You can get all these landscapes art prints here.


Character Portrait: Zuki The Balloon's Hunter


Zuki The Balloon's Hunter

Zuki is a obsessive compulsive balloon's hunter. She dresses up at night and go at to steal all balloons from kids parties, weddings or any place she found, her favorites are the red ones then she just stared at them until the helium is complete gone then gets ready to hunting again. Authorities are looking for her. She develops her own makeup trend making a mask with charcoal and paints her lips with strawberries. She likes to dance alone and fly.

Veronica Alonso

Paraguay, Asunción.
Amsterdam resident.


Production- Photography- Styling- Hair & Makeup by Alexandra Feo.

Model: Veronica Alonso.



Close to Edam and Volendam is Hoorn mainly a water village with a very old pretty port, here a sense of the environment.





Edam it is tiny village in North Holland with great cheese and cute houses and fresh surrounds. here a small selection of the center of the village.