Alexandra Feo (1976) was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She was raised in a family of musicians and artists. Spending formative first years of her life between opera and ballet theatres, she developed the love and passion for the aesthetic of the stage arts. She is a trained ballet dancer and studied music for over a decade. She has nearly decadent interest in self-portrait photography, creating a vast array of fictitious characters. She also has an excellent eye for urban landscape photography and regularly is found around Amsterdam shooting a special series of the city InstagrAmsterdam.

Feo now lives in the ancient city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

She spent her childhood playing in the dressing rooms of the opera and ballet theatres in Caracas, Venezuela.  Her toys were the perfumes, makeup, wigs, lace, sequins and period clothes of the divas and prima ballerinas.  Instead of a life on stage, however, she took the road.

She lived over the last decade in New York City, Barcelona, London and Tokyo with a brief staying also in Oslo before arriving in Amsterdam. It was in Tokyo where she discovered her way with a camera. Shortly thereafter, she made her first self-portrait and was hooked. Feo completed a makeup artist education in Amsterdam to complement her transformation processes in her self-portrait series and dedicate her days to work in her art & photography studio at Amsterdam West.